Consideration and Maintenance:

Sheepskin Rugs are usually ease to take care of, in fact you truly don’t need to do anything with them and they will in any case keep going for a long time. Be that as it may, in the event that you need to keep them looking like new then the accompanying tips will offer assistance.

Solid direct daylight ought to be maintained a strategic distance from avert UV to the common filaments and color hues. Capacity in clammy or wet conditions ought to be maintained a strategic distance from to counteract harm to the Leather pelt. Essentially, shaking outside and normal brushing will bail keep up and acquire out best fleece fiber.

Washing Instructions

Little stains and light ruining can be spot cleaned with a clean moist material and light fleece cleanser. For more careful cleaning, cleaning is prescribed for best results. Our normal sheepskins may be hand or machine washed in cool water (35°C) utilizing fleece sanction cleanser and tender fleece cycle. Adding a teaspoon of glycerin to the water is recommended as this may help to hold the back of the sheepskin floor covering supple, else you will discover the skin can dry out rather like a chamois leather.


Antibacterial Cowhide Rug Cleaner